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I'm remarkably pro-nap.

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Anonymous asked: Hi Sara, I really need your view on a problem that hurts my family. :( my younger sister, 19, struggles with depression, panic attacks, anxiety, constant negativity. she makes it very hard to be home. My single mother works a very stressful job, and struggles coping with my sisters depression, as i do, and she feels like she isn't living anymore. my Sis has tried therapy/medicine, but nothing will work. i'd like to see her go get long term help, but it's too expensive. what are your thoughts?

Hi honey. I’d say she needs good treatment and I suggest you Google NAMI to get some help in your area. She should be eligible for low cost or free counseling with many providers. Ask to work with someone on a sliding scale basis, and see what rate they offer. Let her know that you love her and that she can get better if she is willing to put in the effort to sustain a relationship with a provider. Good luck.