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Why It’s Not Okay That The Onion Jokingly Called A 9-Year-Old Child A Cunt

Because even if it’s a joke, and if it’s satire, she’s 9.


I love The Onion. I interned at The Onion. Its work (as well as the folks who work for it or have worked for it in the past) has been influential in my life since I was 16 years old.

I say all kinds of foul, fucked-up shit on the Internet, onstage, in my private life. I’m a comic and a writer. We push boundaries.

This one just doesn’t sit right with me, gang. It just fucking doesn’t. She’s a real human being and she’s 9 years old and that’s a harsh word to use about a kid, even in jest, even parodying our catty-as-hell celebrity worship/hate culture.

That’s all. Just pissed me off.

UPDATE: They’ve since deleted the Tweet. Good. We all fuck up sometimes. They went too far, we pushed back, they took it down. Sometimes too far is just too far.

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    They need to apologize, not just delete. This is heinous.
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    This. Exactly. The Onion is a favorite of mine. The Onion is usually pitch-perfect. But “____ is a cunt” ISN’T a joke....