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Thank you to everybody who read my 2012 memoir "Agorafabulous!". ABC Signature/Disney optioned the rights and I’m writing the pilot for USA. Executive producers are Diablo Cody, Mason Novick and Debbie Liebling of Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Productions. Isn’t that bananas?

It is a fun job and I am grateful to be working in this economy, much less in this industry, in this weird town that I now call “home” (I call NJ/NY home sans scare quotes). I’ve had a lot of great support along the way. Writing is lonely, but The Internets make it less lonely sometimes.

I also have a Gatsby-inspired novel (but with teen girl luvvahz!) coming out in April called “Great” (currently available for preorder at your local bookstore or here) and it has a pretty cool cover, I gotta say.

Look! It's a book! You can preorder it!

I’m nervous about “Great” because I’m nervous about everything (see “Agorafabulous” for more in-depth details on this.) And I’m writing a third book, a second YA novel, called “Believers.” It’s inspired by “Lord of the Flies,” but with teen girls from an evangelical Christian show choir. For some reason it is harder to write than “Great.” Maybe this means it will be good? I hope so. Here’s part of the first page, as it currently stands without editing:

It comes out in 2015. Next year. Isn’t that weird? I think part of my issue with writing it has been that I like these girls so much, and I know I’m going to do terrible things to them, and I don’t want them to suffer.

Writers are crazy.

Now back to writing. Thank you for being a friend. You can always write me a question in the Ask box, you know. That’s fun for me and hopefully for you, too.


Sara B.

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