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On Puppy Parenting (Please Give Me All Your Best Tips)

It’s my first day with our new dog, and she is a puppy and is obviously adorable and great, but I am full of anxieties and would love it if you’d give me some tips. I’ve never had a dog before, and I hope I’m doing it right. She’s in her pen with a bully stick, and gets walked every two hours during the day (but no pee or poop yet and it’s been 5 hours since we got her you guys!) WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Also, tonight I was thinking of crating her right in the open bedroom doorway so she can hear us talk. The puppy training stuff says to ignore her when she whines and cries (unless it’s an emergency, obviously).

So, um, if anybody has guidance, that would be great. Kthxbai.

  1. cloudcuckoovillian said: Put one of your worn clothes in her bed at night instead. The scent will comfort her. Good luck xxxx
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    This is all my opinion. I am NOT a licensed dog behaviorist or trainer. I do have nearly 20 years of working in rescue,...
  3. laura-clark said: Ditto coyoteshaman on the crating! Dogs tend to adapt to your lifestyle, the best thing you can give her is maintainable consistency (my husband and I keep irregular hours, but our guy knows he’s getting 3 walks, 2 meals, & tug o war no matter what)
  4. hannahbobanna90 said: I wouldn’t worry about the pee or poop, she just needs to get settled, and there will be accidents, you just have to give her some time. As for the crating, it’s hard,it’s really hard listening to the cries but just remember that she’s totally safe.
  5. coyoteshaman said: Crating is good - it essentially gives the dog a cave place that is completely theirs. It becomes their sanctuary that they can go to when they’re tired or upset. The pee or poop means that she doesn’t need to go yet. Let her settle in a bit.
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